At Tang we take great pleasure in making people happy with our food.

Good food is more than something we serve. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner you can rest assured that everything on your plate has been carefully chosen for its taste, quality and sustainable credentials. We serve food the way it should be, nutritious, healthy and most importantly, delicious!

At Tang, we believe hospitality is a craft. Outstanding people make it all happen and we are committed to creating an energised, rewarding work environment.

Tang’s greatest asset is without doubt our team. By putting an emphasis on fostering genuine relationships with our customers, we firmly believe we have created inclusive, warm communal spaces where good food and even better company go hand in hand.



Here at Tang we have always tried to keep sustainability in focus.

Over the last year, due to the covid crisis, sustainability was put on the back foot, but now we feel it is time to try and accelerate our efforts towards becoming an environmentally regenerative, socially progressive company.

To do this we are going to use the principles of Doughnut Economics.

Doughnut economics is a concept developed by Kate Raworth that is starting to gain traction. People have begun to realise that the currently dominant policy of economic growth does not serve us. Not only widening the gap of wealth inequality but also destroying our planet in the process. This can not continue.

It is the recognition that capitalism can work but only if no one is left behind and the planet is not destroyed in the process.

The inner ring of Raworth’s doughnut, derived from the UN’s sustainable development goals, sets out the minimum we need to lead a good life. It ranges from food and clean water to housing, sanitation, energy, education, healthcare, gender equality, income and political voice. Anyone not attaining these minimum standards is living in the doughnut’s hole.

The outer ring of the doughnut, where the sprinkles go, represents the ecological ceiling drawn up by earth-system scientists. It highlights the earths environmental limits beyond which we inflict disastrous levels of destruction on our climate, soils, oceans, ozone layer, freshwater and abundant (though steadily declining) biodiversity.

Between the two rings is the good stuff: the dough, where everyone’s needs and that of the planet are being met.

At Tang we try to make all of our decisions through the lens of the doughnut. We work hard to make sustainability part of the fabric of how we operate.

We are here to make profit of course, it is a critical element of every business and we want to continue to do so. However, instead of equating a growing profits margin with a successful business, our goal is to make profit one of several metrics upon which we measure success. We need to place equal focus on the needs of our employees and our community and on making a positive impact on the life giving planet upon which we all live.

It is all encompassing and we love that it is!





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