SQUAKE’s end-to-end solution was born and designed specifically for the industry. It’s a single API plug-in that powers precise carbon calculations for all types of activities – flights, car, hotel and more – according to national and international standards; and automates carbon reduction and/or compensation along the booking flow, from vendor selection (SAF, DAC, ecological restoration…), to inventory management, invoicing and credit retirement.

SQUAKE’s solution is fully customisable (co-branded or white labelled) to blend with the end-user experience once integrated at any point of the purchase path. Partners can decide what calculation framework best matches their regulatory context (DEFRA, ADEME, ICAO, GLEC…) or what framework is most relevant to their product or programme. They also create their own compensation portfolio to be selected from SQUAKE’s curated partner network, which includes certified climate protection organisations as well as providers of innovative climate technologies and sustainable fuel providers.

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